Whick D Turner, Author/Minister
"I lift my eyes to the mountains. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth." - Psalms 121:1-2


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” Life has had its challenges for Whick, yet despite his visual and hearing impairments, his faith in God has kept him strong and encouraged. I have seen firsthand the life that Whick has lived, and it is one of courage and determination.

In the last seventeen years, I have witnessed Whick’s struggles as his eyesight has gradually deteriorated. I can honestly say that it is his passion for Christ and others that takes him over the top of his mountain. Whick’s climb is daily, yet in the midst of his struggle I often hear him say that he is one day closer to his miracle. His determination to succeed accelerates his faith to push further and reach the top of his mountain.

Whick’s book, On Top of My Mountain, is an encouraging story that comes straight from his heart. In its pages, he shares his testimony, struggles, climb, and success with the hope that others can be encouraged, regardless of their limitations. It is always uplifting to hear Whick say, “I am able and not disabled.” His goal is that all who read this book would find inspiration to succeed in life, using their gifts and talents to be a greater blessing to others.”

-Yazmina B. Turner (reproduced from back cover)


Foreword by Pastor Dave Bell, Destiny Church of San Antonio


Whick Turner lives for one purpose and one purpose alone: to serve his Creator with all of his heart, soul, and strength.  His living example to our church and ministry team has been one of amazing inspiration and encouragement.  Knowing him for many years, serving the Lord with him in ministry, and just watching him reign victorious in life, I have grown in my admiration for his courage, determination, and Godly character.

Diagnosed at an early age with a serious physical condition resulting in increasing impairment both in hearing and eyesight, Whick’s lifestyle of faith and trust in God and His Word has resulted in a life lived to the fullest, manifesting supernatural power and abundant victory.  He is living proof that God is our healer, God is our sustainer, and that God hears and answers prayer.

In this book, Whick shares with the reader his challenges and his faith responses to those challenges, all for the purposes of glorifying God and inspiring others to rise above their own limitations.  In hearing Whick’s story, the reader is compelled to stop complaining about life’s difficulties and to rise up in victorious resurrection life provided through Jesus Christ!

As a married couple, Whick and his wife, Yazmina, are a special example of devout trust in the Lord and committed love for one another.  Reading this book will stir up faith and hope in the heart of the reader – not only for personal challenges, but also for wholeness in one’s relationships, ministry calling, and marriage.

Knowing Whick as a man of prayer, I can honestly say that the mountain of his life’s accomplishments is truly being climbed on his knees.  As Whick achieves new heights on his mountain, the attainment of each new level is accompanied by a sustained praise shout of “Glory!”

I challenge every reader to read this book with an open mind and heart.  Let the Holy Spirit fill you with new faith as you hear Whick’s amazing story.  Arise in the power and life of Christ’s resurrection!  Say “no” to distractions, discouraging words, and faith detractors.  Say “yes” to the Lord’s abundant mercy, grace, and miraculous power.  May you climb your mountain with supernatural anointing and victory.  May you be healed, delivered, renewed and restored!  Put your faith in God.  He has huge plans for you and your life.  Arise in His abundance!  He cares for you.

See you at the summit,
Dave Bell
Lead pastor, Destiny Church of San Antonio